March 18, 2017 (5 year old speller*)

Thank you for the wonderful meeting today! Congratulations to * on spelling successes!

I have written up an evaluation of *s spelling and vocabulary skills. I have attached 20 words that I think are good to learn for both spelling and vocabulary. Please let me know what you think of the words and the number of words. Also, I have attached the word list I used during the meeting.


* is really focused when * spells. * is great at clarifying the word to make sure that * knows what word * is being asked. * should continue * way of spelling and asking questions.

Based on the words I asked *, * can easily spell any words up to the sixth grade level. * can spell most of the seventh and eighth grade level words I asked *.

To best prepare * for the spelling rounds, I would study the lists provided by the Bee. I will send other word lists that I think are good for * to study.


The way I asked vocabulary i...

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