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How did the Scripps National Spelling Bee impact your life and what did you learn from it?

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Dev Jaiswal
Dev Jaiswal  replied:

The Scripps National Spelling Bee impacted my life in many ways. It taught me how to work hard, persevere, and dedicate myself to something that I love. I learned how to think quickly under pressure and to always believe in myself.  Most importantly, I learned that one should be happy and humble no matter what happens, even if you are not that one lucky individual who holds the trophy at the end. Throughout my spelling bee journey, I was also able to meet so many people and forge so many lifelong friendships. I got to meet kids who have many of the same interests that I do, and we keep in touch today through social media and group messages. My spelling bee experiences are some of my fondest memories, and there is no way to express how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to participate in the Bee.

-Dev Jaiswal