8/23/2017 2:25:28 PM,
Cole Shafer-Ray replied:


Firstly, Tanushri should have the Scripps-provided lists (like Spell-It and the school study list) down cold. This will be the only way to make it through the local bees. To prepare for the regional competition, it will be a very good idea to have a good grasp on the Consolidated Word List. Try perusing this list for the harder words, some of them are far too easy to be used anymore. This list will account for a large percentage of the 'additional words'. For language rules and patterns, there is no better resource than Words of Wisdom. Resources like Words of Wisdom, Words from The Champions, and The Blitz Lists are strong resources for preparation for the national competition. You can also take a look at my website at thespellingbeechamp.wordpress.com for more information on studying for local and national competitions.

Good luck!!